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Playing Soduku while waiting for the fireworks to start.
On the day of our engagement, I was cleaning out the car for our trip to Boise so Chris could ask my for my dad's blessing.  During the cleaning excapade, I found my ring box.  I wanted to be good, so I didn't open the box, but I went inside my apartment and told me roommates that I'd found it and they could go look at it.  Of course, they all went out and admired my ring while I waited inside.  I left the ring right where I found that Chris had hidden it.  Later that evening, Chris took me to Johnny Carion's Italian Restaurant for Valentine's dinner.  Because the wait was so long, we went and got some gas and a few snacks.  Before we went inside the gas station, Chris said "I need to grab my check book out of the trunk; go ahead inside."  Of course, I knew that the ring was in the trunk, so I obeyed and went inside the gas station.  I wasn't sure exactly what he had planned, but after the gas station, he took me to the Japanese gardens down by the river.  I was so nervous, I didn't realize he was proposing until his spiel was over, he was down on one knee, and it was my turn to respond.  I still kick myself today for missing the whole proposal.   When we went back to the restaurant at the appointed time, I was wearing my engagement ring.
I thought this was a fun close up of the fun we share together.  We are constantly bringing a smile to one another.

Jenny's sister - Dawnette, her husband Mike and their two little guys - Mason and Conner.  Our family is so blessed by adoption.

Eric trying to teach me how to cook Brazilian style BBQ.

Jenny's whole family gets together at least once a year.  This was taken at her brother Eric's mission home coming from Brazil.  There are nine children and 25 nieces and nephews on her side.

Because Chris is the oldest, his family is still growing.  All four children and both daughter in-laws have attended college and there are now two neices on his side.

We enjoy the outdoors as much as anything. 

We started cross country skiing a few years back and we have enjoyed it each time we've gone.  We have even introduced some of our family members to it as well.

One of our many camping trips to Bear Lake and the caves as well.

This was a suprise, we went camping in June and ended up hiking in the snow :)

Chris was a proud big brother as Ben followed in his footsteps of graduating from BYU-I.

Kendra was the first niece on Chris's side.  I am the proud seamstress of the blessing dress.

Guitar Hero & Family Gathering.... Need I say more? Look at my face as I concentrate ;)

Chris's Dad with the first grandchild thinking about playing Guitar Hero.

Chris's family with Guitar Hero once again!

I love teaching preschool and this little boy is one who stole my heart a few years ago.

Jenny's mom bought us both ice skates for Christmas so we try to go skating at least once a year.

We have been best friends since we first met and are more in love now than ever.

Each year we take a picture for our Christmas cards in front of our tree.  We love decorating for and celebrating Christmas.

One of our Christmas traditions is new jammies on Christmas Eve.  Jenny's Mom and brother Eric came for last Christmas.

Chris's family lives here in town so we are able to attend many family events including his sister, Lauren's graduation last year.

This was taken at another family event, Jenny's birthday.

One thing we love most about eachother is the endless supply of happy times.  Lots of laughs and we don't even have to say it outloud at times.

Jenny's brother Ryan and his family live back east and host a large family Christmas every 4 years.
We have just started to realize the importance of family vacations.  We escaped to Salt Lake for a weekend going to the temple and Lagoon.  It was a great vacation from the every day grind.