Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Adoption?

Our decision to choose adoption was not one that came quickly or easily to us. While dating and becoming engaged, we had many conversations about children and the desire we each had to have a large family. We wanted to have children after a few short years of being married and talked about the various activities we would enjoy doing with them. It didn't take long after trying to have children to realize this was going to be a journey for us to build the family we'd always dreamed of. During our journey of infertility (which included various medications, procedures and surgeries) we watched as our two nephews were adopted and how quickly we all fell in love with them. We realized that this was a great way to grow a family and began to hope that this could be our destiny too. We are more than excited to begin this journey of adoption.

In the Beginning.... by Chris

Jenny and I met at BYU-Idaho. But, initially Jenny had gone out with my room-mate a few times. We each went to the homecoming dance but she went with my roommate and I went with another girl. We even have a picture together from that dance with each of our dates and us both smiling without knowing what journey we had ahead, or without knowing that we soon would be dating. On Saturday night October 5, 2002 Jenny came over to deliver some crème brulee in hopes to smooth things over with my roommate whom she told off the day before. She felt bad and wanted to talk things out with a treat. He refused to come out of his room and we ended up sharing the crème brulee while we got to know each other.

She asked me to go country dancing that coming Wednesday and I felt excited to go dancing with this new found comfortable friend. We spoke with each other as though we were friends before coming to this earth. Seeing the initial kindness of her heart in bringing the treat, I knew that I needed to make sure I met her that next week for dancing.

We began to date from there and within six weeks, I went home to meet her family for Thanksgiving. I knew at that moment we were to spend our eternal journey together.

I asked her to marry me where my grandfather proposed to my grandmother down by the falls on the Snake River on Valentine’s Day and we were married on July 5, 2003.