All About Chris

5.9 Feet Tall
Brown Hair
Green Eyes

A Few Tidbits About Me...
1) I love watching, renting, and buying action, comedy, and suspense movies.
2) I enjoy spending time at home with family.
3) I enjoy my in-laws and the past times they have introduced me to: camping, shooting, four-wheeling, etc.
4) I enjoy working on improving our home through projects that we work on as a couple.
5) I enjoy working on the yard and landscaping new sections.
6) I love to work on wood working projects.
7) I enjoy studying and teaching the gospel.
8) I am the photographer out of the two of us.  We rarely go to a family outing without me pulling out the camera and saying "smile pretty" very sarcastically.
9) I like to tease our kitties and enjoy with they cuddle up for some good ear scratching.
10) I am sarcastic, funny, and love to get people to smile.

About Chris By Jenny

Chris is a very hard worker who is very much a perfectionist.  He is very detail oriented and takes his time to do an excellenet job on whatever it is he is working on.  We work on many house projects together and he is always doing the detail work wether it be painting edges, mouldings, designing the flower beds, and many other things.  Because we have both worked full time since we were married, we have not developed specific roles in our marriage.  Chris is constantly helping with laundry, dishes, lawn mowing, etc.  He has never once thought of those things as "women's work." 

Chris is great with words.  He writes very well in letters, college papers, talks, etc.  He has a way of saying things that really flow and make sense.  He is also a great teacher.  He loves teaching any class at church ranging from Sunbeams (we taught together) to Elder's Quorum, to talking in Sacrament meeting.  It may be suprising to his grade school teachers that he is so good with words because of his attitude about reading at a young age.  He struggled to learn to read and frustrated he told his teacher, "Why do I need to learn how to read, I'll never need this when I grow up."

Chris enjoys making others happy and likes to bring a smile to your face when it's been a rough day.  He is very easy going and laid back.  He is happy to relax at home with a movie and pizza, but enjoys going to the movies, bowling or to family or friends' for a BBQ.  We often enjoy BBQ's at our house with just the two of us as we pull weeds in the garden or roast smore's over the fire pit. 

Chris really enjoys the outdoors including camping and shooting guns during the summer.  He started with a BB gun, but graduated to a 22 when he got one for Christmas this last year.  His favorite is building the fire as we set up camp, which he is an expert at. 

He is very dependable, loving, kind, respectful and funny.  He is very supportive of my crazy ideas that I come up with and he thinks through all the details necessary to accomplish my plans.  He is helpful and very family oriented.  He is great with all of our nieces and nephews and is constantly giving them piggy back rides and tickling them.  He will make a great daddy one day.