All About Jenny

5.5 Feet Tall
Blond Hair
Blue Eyes

A Few Tidbits About Me....

1) I love to work in the yard and garden.

2) I enjoy reading a good romance or mystery novel.

3) I am terrible at Zumba, but it is my favorite way to workout and stay in shape.

4) I have wanted to be a mother my entire life.

5) One day I would like to write a book about all the funny things I've heard children say over the years.

6) The latest I can sleep in is 7:30a.m. if I'm lucky.

7) My husband doesn't enjoy my cooking quite as much as I enjoy cooking/baking.

8) I love a good chick flick or comedy.

9) My favorite food is pizza or manicotti, but chocolate chip cookies hit the spot just about any time of day.

10) I love asking children challenging questions and listening to their amazing responses -whether they make sense or not :)

About Jenny By Chris

Jenny loves to go and look for little things to improve our home.  She loves to create wall-hangings, to place pictures in just the right spot, and find sayings that remind us of why “home” is where we want to be.  She always makes sure that we work together to clean, vacuum, do laundry, mow the lawn, paint, and do whatever it takes to make our house a fun inviting place to be.  Every room will have her favorite scented candle going and she takes pride in welcoming friends and family over by creating a fun atmosphere.

Gardening is something she very much enjoys and loves to pick fresh sweet peas to enjoy for a fun summer snack.  If there is a free quiet moment you’ll find her reading a new novel that she’s found online for her kindle or from the library.  In the summer she loves this the most because she can sit on our back-porch just soaking up the sun.

Jenny earned her degree in Early Childhood Special Education and has a natural talent to teach and inspire children.  This is a degree that she took a year to ponder over, but when she knew that was what she was supposed to do, she ran with it and drank up everything from all of her classes. 

Now as a Kindergarten teacher, I’ve had fun watching what she can do to command the room with her 5 year olds.  They all gaze at her with intent eyes while they in turn soak up her wonderful talent to connect.

Jenny has been blessed with a special gift to uplift and educate our youth; she knows how to listen to their tender spirits and to connect in a fun way that just makes learning exciting for them.  You can’t help but  smile watching her because she sincerely enjoys just hanging out with her class. 

The parents of these children love her too.  For Christmas and on teacher appreciation day they shower her with notes of praise and give creative, fun gifts to show they appreciate what she does to prepare their children for the future.  

She is my best friend and I love her very much.

She wants more than anything to be a mom and I know that she has all of the love needed to pass along these same talents to children we look forward to welcoming into our home one day.

Our journey together has been full of ups and downs, but we always know that we can look to each other to find safety as we come “home” each day.  We can’t wait to see where our journey take us next and know that Heavenly Father is at the helm to watch over us.